Monday, November 25, 2019

I am definitely not in charge

I got up from my computer this morning to get a second cup of coffee and came back to this.
And the little buggers didn't even move a muscle when I tried to sit down.
Good thing they're cute.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Thieves thwarted

One of the many wonders and blessings of living where we do in Arizona is the abundance of wildlife.
And one of the ones I see most are javelinas.
They usually patrol at night scavenging for food so I have to be careful what I leave out. I used to use quail blocks to feed the quail but those attracted the javelinas and just made a mess.
And javelinas can be dangerous to man and dog especially if they have young ones with them.
Lucky for me I have a motion detector camera in my driveway and I catch the critters often. In this video you can hear them digging through the garbage off the side out of view of the camera. There's even a Momma nursing her baby.

After this I have been using bungee cords to keep the lid tightly on. It worked but they still try. I now have bite marks of frustration on the can.
One guy tried again last night.