Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bella's big outing

I took Bella to the office of a friend this week for a visit. I was a little nervous. It was her first big outing other than going to the groomer and puppy classes here in town [if you don't count her trip to the ER which I would rather forget].
She did very well and she was a hit.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bird watching

Years ago, John built an extension onto the windowsill in my office so the cats could relax and enjoy the view. There is a bird feeder outside the window and I also put out large blocks of seeds too. We get lots of birds visiting, mostly quail and doves but also woodpeckers, wrens and others. In any case, it's heaven if you are a cat. And I enjoy watching them myself. The bird chatter is very comforting. And quail noise is a hoot.
Anyway, Sean seems to enjoy watching the birds the most but the others join in from time to time.
Sean intently watching a woodpecker that came so close. I bet he thought he could taste it.

Birdwatching can be tiring.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Bella's vet visit yesterday

Bella had her last round of puppy shots yesterday and passed her exam with flying colors.
She just has to have her rabies shot now and that's due in November. She turns 4 months next week.
She now weighs 28 pounds and has two grown up teeth and has lost two other baby teeth that haven't come in yet.
How did she get so grown up?