Friday, August 21, 2015

Friends in high places

Riley just loves to climb.
I was in my office when I heard the distinct sound of something falling - never a good sound. So I went in search of the cause.
I couldn't find anything, which confused me.
Then I walked into the laundry room and was surprised to see Riley looking down on me. He had managed to climb up on one of the shelves. I knew he had done this before because I had found things on the floor that used to be on the shelves but never caught him in the act.
And he was quite content and pleased with himself.
And totally unremoreseful. I tried to get him down but he tried to bite me. Clearly, he intends to stay for a while.
He's safe there. There is nothing he can get into trouble with. The noise I heard was just a plastic cup that I use to fill the iron with.