Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Homeopathy for pets

I love our vet Dr. Tom Leininger, Vet on Wheels. Dr Tom is an amazing gift for our animals. He comes to the house so we avoid the stress of "going to the vet".
And he is a firm believer in alternative methods of treatment. Actually, I think it's best to call it a comprehensive method of treatment. We have the traditional allopathic treatments such as antibiotics and other medications, as well as biopsies and surgery [through associated veterinary offices], but Dr. Tom is unique in that he also offers homeopathic, chiropractic and other modalities that, quite frankly, have worked wonders for our fur-babies.
Right now, I have an assortment of blue bottles [homeopathic drops] on our kitchen counter top that treat several different conditions: Casey's asthma/cough, Chaz's GI distress, and the most recent, Charlotte's poor appetite.
After her visit to the animal ER a couple of weeks ago, Charlotte still wasn't her old self. She was listless and just wouldn't eat. She's already thin and I was afraid she was literally going to waste away. So, I called Dr. Tom and he came to see her that day. An exam showed nothing to be obviously wrong. So, Dr. Tom made up a homeopathic remedy just for her. 10 drops three times a day.
Charlotte is a new cat. She is eating, she's more alert. She's back to our old Charlotte.
Chaz came to us with a GI problem we nicknamed baby gut. Without going into graphic descriptions, let's just say when he used the litter box he could clear a room. It was bad. Stool samples showed no parasites. Antibiotics did nothing for him. So I asked Dr. Tom if Chaz could possibly have a spastic bowel and if he had anything in his magic bag for that. Of course he did.
Chaz is doing great now and actually comes running when he hears me getting his bottle ready.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Charlotte's excellent adventure

or how my Mom lost a lot of sleep.
Charlotte our 15 year old kitty became ill during the night two nights ago. She kept vomiting and nothing I did for her seemed to help.
When it looked like there was some blood coming up as well, I decided it was time to go to the ER.
So at 4 AM, off we went.
Almost $300 later, we were on our way home after some IV fluid and a couple of injections.
She threw up a couple of more times after we got home but soon she settled down and has been getting better ever since. Today she is back to her old self.
I'll probably never know what caused that but I'm grateful that whatever it was has passed.