Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am thankful for my babies

On this day before Thanksgiving, when we start thinking about what we are thankful for, I am so grateful for my fur-family. Their love for each other and their love for me has helped me through some of my darkest hours these last few months. They are truly God's angels, wrapped in fur.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friskie update

Well, Friskie girl isn't working out. She continues to be afraid and the boys are getting worse about teasing her. She was so scared sometimes she was afraid to go past them to use the litterbox. Now I am back to playing musical rooms all day keeping everyone separated. It's no life for us or her.
So, a dear friend has volunteered to foster her for me. This Saturday Friskie will go to live with my friend. She will be an only cat, an only animal in the house. She will finally have a home where she can be in charge again and feel free and safe. And I will still be able to see her and visit her and know that she is in good hands.
It's best all the way around. This way I won't feel like I am abandoning her and giving her away. I know she will have a good home and my home can finally start to relax a little. I tried but it was just too much change for everyone.