Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sean!

The "baby" is 3 years old today. I guess I can't call him the baby any more.
Happy Birthday, little one.

The day Sean came home - June 2012 - 8 weeks old

Saturday, March 21, 2015


I posted a few years ago about my mother-in-law's cat Friskie. At the time, I thought she would be staying with us. But she never got accustomed to us. I'm sure she was picking up on all the emotions going on at the time. In any case, I found a home for her with a friend several towns over. My friend renamed her Molly and all seemed well. Then, recently she lost that home too.
So now she is back with me. I am hoping this time around we will all be able to adjust and she can become a happy member of the family.
Regardless of how she adjusts we will make the best of it. I promised Mom I would care for her kitty and I will. Actually, if there were no other animals in my home, Friskie would be fine. She loves to be petted and is very affectionate with me. She has even started purring again. But as soon as she catches a glimpse of my boys or Bella, she hisses up a storm.
So I have her isolated for now and we will take this transition very slowly.
I have her in a crate in the guest room.
I give her breaks by putting her in the hallway bathroom so that she can stretch her legs and jump on things. She finally started eating and drinking so for now she will be all right.
I also ordered a larger crate that she can live in for a while and we won't feel rushed to have her acclimate. It will arrive next week.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bella's pre-op visit

Bella is going to be spayed now that her heat is over so this past week she had her pre-op visit. Poor thing. She was so scared. She sat right next to me in the exam room and even extended her paw to me so that I could hold it. I felt so bad for her.
But she got through the visit just fine and charmed everyone. She weighs 50 pounds which is less than I thought. She's going to have her teeth cleaned while she is under anesthesia because a few of her teeth show some tartar and we don't want that to give her any problems as she gets older. Her surgery is scheduled for the beginning of April.