Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kamikaze hummingbird

A little hummingbird has taken full possession of our hummingbird feeder. He has positioned himself on a branch in the foliage on our deck and chases off any other hummingbirds who attempt to eat from the feeder. It's amazing to watch. Occasionally, he'll fly over to one of the spouts on the feeder and sip. Then, he goes back to his branch, chattering away as if to tell one and all that this is his feeder and they would be wise to stay away. Then, sure enough, one or two other hummers will challenge him. Swiftly, he flies off his branch chasing the interlopers away, all the while sounding like a little helicopter on crack. Then, it's back to his branch, with more chatter. "And stay away!"
You have to admire his bravery and tenacity. Here he is, with a brain that is smaller than the eraser at the end of my pencil, but he is fiercely guarding what he has decided is his.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I love AZ

Two of our neighbors have informed us that a Momma Bobcat and her 3 babies have taken up residence in our neighborhood. Right in one of our neighbor's backyard to be more specific. The one directly behind ours. I have seen Momma walk across our front yard on two occasions. And our neighbor to the left of us shared pictures she had taken of all 4 of them. Yesterday, our neighbor directly behind us called over while we were out walking the dogs in the backyard to make sure we were also aware. He informed us that they had basically been living in his yard since the babies were born and he had gotten some great photos as well.
Well, this morning I was also treated. I was out about 7 AM walking our girls and I looked up to see one of the babies watching me from our wall.
I was able to get this picture.

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