Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Miss Piglet

Dr. Tom saw Bella yesterday for her next puppy visit. She got her next round of shots and was weighed. I thought she would be about 12 pounds because I knew she had grown. She was taller and heavier.
I was wrong.
She weighed 16 pounds!
Dr. Tom said she is right on schedule and doing great.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

First bath

I just gave Bella her first full bath.
She did pretty well considering.
I'm a little wet but I'll dry.

Good thing I bathed her. I found a small lump on her head last night and thought it was a scab - maybe from a cat.
Turns out it was a bug!
Once she was all wet it was easier to see.
Might be a tick. I don't know what they look like so I saved it after I got it off her. Damn thing wouldn't let go of her and she wouldn't stay still either.
I'll show it to Dr Tom tomorrow.
I wonder if she'll have to be tested for Lyme Disease in a few weeks.
She is turning into a high maintenance girl.
Sorry about the light flash in the corner.
Don't know what did that.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The last two days

Bella is going to drive me to drink.
Only 9 weeks old and she has already seen the inside of the Emergency Room.
Two nights ago Bella stole some bread pudding I had stupidly left within her reach. I let her out of my sight for maybe 5 minutes but that was long enough. And the bread pudding had raisins in it which can be very harmful to dogs, causing kidney damage.
Because of her size and young age, after consulting with Poison Control, off we went to the local animal ER. They kept her overnight. They induced vomiting and gave her fluids, and overnight and monitored her output and blood levels.
The next morning she was transferred to my local pet hospital her in town because the emergency hospital is not open when other vet offices are.
She stayed there all day with the same care and continued to do well.
That evening [Friday] she went back to the emergency hospital for another night of fluids, blood work and monitoring. Because the next day was Saturday she stayed there all day.
Last night around 9:30 PM they told me she could come home. She had passed the crucial 48 hours with no obvious side effects.
She has to be on a special diet for two days and drink lots of fluids but so far she doesn't seem the worse for wear.
I on the other hand have a few more gray hairs that my hairdresser will have to work with.
Bella during one of her transports
Home at last

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Two months old

Bella is two months old today. She is so at home altready.
Knows how to run around the house all by herself, especially when I am trying to catch her.
Is learning how to go down the ramp into the yard - sometimes walking, sometimes sliding but she's trying.
Was seen by Dr. Tom, my vet, this week and declared to be in excellent health and weighs 8.8 pounds.
Had her first bath today and is worn out from it.
Trying to make friends with the cats.
Loves to bark.
Life is good when you're a pampered puppy.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bella playing in my office

I swear she has grown in just one week.

Chaz is trying to make friends

The cats hang out with Bella in my office but have been keeping their distance. Chaz decided to try a close encounter this morning and actually came within touching distance.
A breakthrough.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby Bella

Bella is an unbelievably good baby. Easy to potty train. Bonding so well with me. Very loving.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Bella Angeli Collins

It means "beautiful angel" in Italian. Actually, I played with the translation a little to make it work but it's close enough.